Testing with the leaders in the industry- Southern Cross University

Why Southern Cross University?


With 40 laboratory experts dedicated to using the latest cutting edge analyzing techniques - you can be sure you are getting the most comprehensive and accurate testing for your horse, property and pasture.

We love that they are Australian too!

All testing and results are made independent of Wattlelane Stables, so guaranteed zero bias!  

Know the Facts


Guessing if you have excess iron, high magnesium, or zero boron in your soil will not allow you to achieve the results you want.  Years of over grazing, pesticides, over fertilizing (or under) will have had a major impact on your available mineral content.  

Your pasture test will reflect the exact minerals being consumed from your paddock(s).

Hair analysis provides a window into metabolic functioning.

Fixing the problems


Knowing the problem, allows you to research, ask the right professionals for help, adjust your feed, improve pasture type and re-mineralize your soil for best total outcomes.  Take the hair analysis to your vet and discuss any underlying conditions.

We can direct you to a independent mineral balancing fertilizer company to meet your properties exact need.

Bench marking for better soil, grass and equine nutrition


What is bench marking? 

Taking measurements for the purpose of:

1) Accurately analyzing conditions

2) Planning and implementing reliable improvements or filling nutritional gaps 

3) Making reliable comparisons (revaluate changes over time – perhaps yearly)

4) Researching problems divulged and/or employing relevant professionals to address issues