Clinical trial outcomes and feedback with QI Ease

Lauren Clarke with Miss

"I had tried many insecticidal products, herbal and rugging 24/7 but nothing seemed to be quite enough. Rugging was the most effective but the bugs would still bite where the rug didn’t cover i.e chest, under belly, either side of tail flap and around the eyes.
Miss was so bad with itch, I couldn't even ride her of an afternoon because she would stand there and kick at her belly and shake her head continuously. She would even go to the extent of lying down and scratching her belly. The itch was driving us both insane. When I started her on QI EASE, I rugged her up and soothed her already irritated sores with QI GOLD SERUM. I couldn’t believe my eyes, within a week she had her hair growing back. This is the first summer I been through with Miss that she hasn’t destroyed her rugs. She now has a beautiful mane and tail and I can ride her all hours of the afternoon (Now embarking on a cutting career). I just want to say a massive ‘thank you’ for QI EASE, you have really changed our lives.” 

Macy Morris with Opie

"Opie is a 5yo Percheron gelding with bad QLD itch and thrush in his hooves.

I have tried every lotion, potion and diet to help ease his QLD itch (equine skin conditions) and thrush ... Nothing worked as well as I had hoped. Some days were ok but he was still rubbing his mane and tail out on anything he could which was frustrating for the both of us. After many failed diets and potions, I paid for a nutritionist to create a diet based on our soils and grass testing which didnt help either.... I almost gave up but decided to give Flowers Gold, QI EASE and QI Gold Serum a try.

Happy to report Opie has now been on these products for almost a year. He hardly ever scratches, has a mane that is about 30cm long(still growing!), a tail that I have to trim every other week because its so long and thick andddd he has no thrush in his hooves!

Opie and I are so so so beyond happy with these products. We could never be without them, Absolutely worth the money spent on them!" 

Linda Starcevich with Llewella

"Huge fan of your products, QI EASE has been life changing, no longer feeling I should either put Llewella to sleep (she was in a truly terrible state and flies are everywhere, so nowhere she could go). I have spoken to so many people about it. I am truly grateful, I feel like crying when I see her but instead of frustration and grief they is joy. I feel very emotional writing about where she was and where she is now. I can't rave about your products enough. She's not cured entirely, still occasionally rubs her face, but she is so happy and relaxed, no more aggression, she was kicking and biting before. I just feel overwhelmed at the beaitiful change in her xxxxx" 

Jackie Fjellstad with Quaid

"I wanted to share a couple pictures of my 8 year old Morgan gelding Qwaid. I own a local pet supply shop in Kiama, NSW (Animal Kinship) and we stockWattlelane Stables Flowers Gold, Hair In A Bucket and QI Ease. I started Qwaid on a mix of all 3 as he suffers from Queensland Itch during spring and summer. He isn't bad in the first picture, but I wanted to show the difference still after 3 weeks of feeding. The second photo is only with brushing, no additional shine spray or anything. Very happy with your product! 😆 Jackie Fjellstad." 

Bobbi-Jo Clem with Jet

Jet suffered with QLD Itch

 How is this beautiful colt, he used to be the itchiest horse I had ever seen, nothing he was fed did a thing to improve. We offered his owner Bobby-Jo Clem (our old neighbour) a trial of the QI EASE feed supplement.
No one expected Jet to ever look like this! So pleased he has a full life out and about with his very proud owner. Thanks for pic Bobby-Jo Clem. 

What is QI Ease?

Feed 50 grams daily to all horses size & weights - formula based on cellular responses rather than size.

Pricing and Sizes

QI Ease comes in 700 grams (for dogs), 2.5kg, 6.5kg and 10kg

700g -RRP $34.00

2.5kg RRP  $91.50

6.5kg RRP $198

10kg $250.00 ($1.25 per day)

Interesting & useful info on causes of equine itching

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