Mindfulness For Horses

Feedback by Channy Fogarty

Lyric owned by Channy Fogarty

"Lyric has always been a stressful traveller with bad separation anxiety both on the float and at shows (so bad that she box walked the stable in Sydney for 36hrs straight, until we took down the wooden panel and put up a mesh one in between her and the horse next to her so that she could see it). Because of this we have always travelled a miniature horse friend with her to all the shows.  But due to the current ruling of some of the societies we are unable to travel her mini friend with her to some of the shows this year."

Mindfulness on Lyric

"I have heard through my work and the rep Kelly that delivers your products to us about 'Mindfulness For Horses' and how many people have had success with it.  So I bought some last week and started her on it straight away (Thursday afternoon).  Having faith in what Kelly told me I loaded Lyric by herself onto the horse float and drove her the 2 hours to the Gatton Showgrounds, (where I was attending a clinic and Lyric was being used by the professional trainer as a demonstration of a young halter horse.) "

How Lyric is going

We have just returned home from a trip to Sydney to the East Coast Arabian Championships where she won - Champion Yearling Anglo Arabian, - Champion Yearling Arabian Derivative Shown By a Non Pro and then - Champion of Champions RU Anglo Arabian of the Show.  Here in Queensland she has also had alot of success including but not limited to (there is many more):

2017 QLD Gala Event; (at 6 months old)

Champion of Champions Anglo Arabian 

2017 Summer Show

Champion of Champions Anglo Arabian

2017 Top Of The Range 

Champion of Champions Junior Anglo Arabian 

2017 Twilight Affair 

Champion of Champions Anglo Arabian

2017 QLD All Breeds Youngstock Show;

Winner of the Weanling Open Futurity and

Grand Champion Weanling Performance Horse of the Show"

Clinical Trial 2017 & Feedback

By Michelle Jarrett

"Wow a week and a half in and what a difference MINDFULNESS has made to Sunny.

We went on our 1st ever street ride together over the the equestrian arenas, along side a busy road single carriage road.
Im in love with MINDFULNESS and im now going to start using it on my 3yr old that I am currently starting to break in. Again thankyou so much for another awsome product."

Paula Hill's Staffy


"I use it for my dog. Didnt think it was working till my dad stopped giving it to him.

His name is Max 3 and half yr old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Australian Champion Magicmine Dark Knight CCD RN"

By Krystle Thompson

"Update week 2:

Its all the little things that are noticable by everyone handling him.

 We will soon be starting his education under saddle and super excited to have such a beginning to a wonderful future on MINDFULNESS for Horses.

Photo attached you can see the before MINDFULNESS for horses to the two week mark." 

Pricing and Sizes

Mindfulness For Horses come in 1kg and 2kg sizes

1kg RRP $90.00

2kg RRP $144.00

Sponsoring Disaster relief

Flood Victim Banjo - Cyclone Debbie

FLOOD VICTIM Banjo's story came to us as we offered help post Cyclone Debbie. Banjo was the only surviving horse from his property of 6 horses.

Banjo suffered sore swollen legs, very bruised and battered. He had been swept away with his herd and miraculously survived and was found by his owner Shelly. He was skitish and nervous to be touched after the flood.
We sent Shelly 4 of our premium products as a gift to help Banjo's recovery.

Gut Centric,. Mindfulness For Horses, Flower's Gold and  Hair In A Bucket 

We were delighted to receive this top pic of him today and compare with the bottom one of him just after the floods. Looking fabulous!

We were able to assist many horses like Banjo who suffered as a direct result of Cyclone Debbie and the flooding.

Cyclone Debbie Assistance

Wattlelane Stables generously sponsored at least 30 horses after cyclone Debbie for free.  We are always keen to give back and support genuine victims to natural disaster.

Predator & Prey Mindfulness by The Nude Horse

Learn simple techniques to overcome nervousness or anxiety whilst handling horses