Mindfulness For Horses

Clinical Trial 2017 & Feedback

By Michelle Jarrett

"Wow a week and a half in and what a difference MINDFULNESS has made to Sunny his concentration span has grown so much .
And our canter work is the best yet .... he is actually relaxin for continuous circles of canter which is allowing us to work on flexion and bend . Before it was maybe a circle and he would get frizzled then spook himself over nothing and we'd have to start again .
We also went on our 1st ever street ride together over the the equestrian arenas , along side a busy road single carriage road which I would never have done with Sunny before as I know how little can frizzle him.
Im in love with MINDFULNESS and im now going to start using it on my 3yr old that I am currently starting to break in and see if it helps his baby mind concentrate a bit better . Again thankyou so much for another awsome product."

Paula Hill's Staffy


"I use it for my dog. Didnt think it was working till my dad stopped giving it to him then I noticed the difference. So gave him a huge tablespoon the night before a show and he was well behaved at the show.

His name is Max 3 and half yr old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Australian Champion Magicmine Dark Knight CCD RN"

By Krystle Thompson

"Update week 2:

Its all the little things that are noticable by everyone handling him.from the ease of removing bot eggs,rugging to just his general disposition has changed for the better!

You can see his demeanor has changed,its so very noticeable in his expression. We will soon be starting his education under saddle and super excited to have such a calm beginning to a wonderful future on MINDFULNESS for Horses.

Photo attached you can see the before MINDFULNESS for horses to the two week mark how relaxed he looks (noticeably calm horse)." 

By Lauren Clarke

"I was feeding it to my 2yr old QH who is spooky and doesn't like strangers. He was on it for 1 week and then unfortunate circumstances occurred which required the vet out.
Now the vet didn't have to sedate him at all because he was so calm, he allowed him to clip his back leg, X-ray and ultrasound it even though it was really sore!! I know normally this wouldn't happen because of his spirited nature and since he has been off Mindfulness while at the vets, he has returned to his old self - not letting the vet catch him, being spooky and not wanting his needle.. so when he comes home I can't wait to put him back on it and see how he goes under saddle! Thank you"

By Sam Kruijer

"Sorry for the delay in posting this fantastic update on the Mindfulness supplement. Destiny is back with us after being ridden by a friend whilst Dani recovered from her injury, Destiny is a little distracted whilst being ridden and can be concerned about her other herd members. Since being home and on the Mindfulness I noticed a difference within 2 days, when I take out her paddock friend she just lifts her head instead of wanting to run after him, she continued to graze and not be concerned, only doing the occasional neigh....by the end of the first week Dani was noticing differences under saddle....quicker to come back to Dani and more attentive of the aids...week two saw Destiny really letting go of her back and swinging through, she became more elastic and easier to supple. Her distractions don't lead to resistance she just gets back on the job and Dani is now able to school her more efficiently. 😃🐴 I am advising many clients to try it as we are very impressed, it just helps those horses who get distracted stay more focused....Thank you Wattlelane and Equine Passion! "

By Cindy Gannon-White

"Today I rode Bobby to a friend's house. Past so many things that would have been terrifying once upon a time. We had dogs run out at us, flapping bags and passed a little truck mid way across a narrow bridge. Not a single spook. No trying to walk backwards away from anything challenging. We even loped along at a loose reined canter half the way. I'm so proud of him. So happy." 

Pricing and Sizes

Mindfulness For Horses come in 1kg and 2kg sizes

1kg RRP $90.00

2kg RRP $144.00

Sponsoring Disaster relief

Flood Victim Banjo - Cyclone Debbie


FLOOD VICTIM Banjo's story came to us as we offered help post Cyclone Debbie. Banjo was the only surviving horse from his property of 6 horses.

Banjo suffered sore swollen legs, very bruised and battered. He had been swept away with his herd and miraculously survived and was found by his owner Shelly. He was skitish and nervous to be touched after the flood.
We sent Shelly 4 of our premium products as a gift to help Banjo's recovery.

Gut Centric to help after all the dangerous flood waters ingested. Mindfulness to help with the trauma. Flowers Gold to supply necessary minerals and vitamins. Hair In A Bucket for his hooves and coat.

We were delighted to receive this top pic of him today and compare with the bottom one of him just after the floods. Looking fabulous!

We were able to assist many horses like Banjo who suffered as a direct result of Cyclone Debbie and the flooding.

Cyclone Debbie Assistance

Wattlelane Stables generously sponsored at least 30 horses after cyclone Debbie for free.  We are always keen to give back and support genuine victims to natural disaster.

Predator & Prey Mindfulness by The Nude Horse

Learn simple techniques to overcome nervousness or anxiety whilst handling horses