YES Hair In a Bucket contains COPPER

Healthy Horse Hair Growth and hoof

Rocket owned by Sharna Gregg


"Just wanted to let you know how much Rocket loves your Flowers Gold and HAIR IN A BUCKET☺ 

You products speak for them selves.
So both the horses are on your product and the results are obvious."

Angela Robinson Delgiacco


"Unwashed, not rugged, not stabled, 6 months on FLOWERS GOLD and HAIR IN A BUCKET, so pleased!" 

Webers Circus horses


"Growing up in the circus gave me an opportunity most people don't get - living at work and spending all day with my horses. Keeping and maintaining the beautiful horse hair growth.  We have is a full time job and thanks to 


"The secret to our healthy horse hair and beautiful manes and tails is "HAIR IN A BUCKET (also best hoof supplement for horses)” I swear by this product and couldn't be happier with the feather on my Gypsy Cobs, even our 8 weeks old filly loves it."

Luna owned by Megan Jackmann


 "Luna's coat is just amazing 😍
Thank you for everything.
She is 6 months OTT and just looking so fabulous thanks to Flowers Gold and Hair In a Bucket ❤" 

Dukey the Drum horse owned by Kelly Ensbey


"My 2 1/2 year old always fed Flowers Gold and Hair In A Bucket"

Price and Sizes

Hair In A Bucket comes in 2kg, 3kg & 10kg

2kg RRP $51.50

3kg RRP $70.00

10kg $198.00 ($0.99 per day)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the 50g?

Horses 100kg to 200kg   25g/30ml

Horses 200kg to 900kg   50g/60ml

Horses 900kg & over   65g/70ml

Dogs     8g/1 flat tsp

A guide: Fill enclosed scoop to approximately 60ml to supply 50g in weight.  The 8g for dogs is approx 1 flat tsp.


Can it be fed with Flowers Gold?

 Yes, it compliments Flowers Gold and is able to be combined with any of our other feed supplements. 

NOTE: Flowers Gold is our recommended complete daily mineral and vitamin supplement.  All our other Feed Supplements are considered 'add ons' as deemed necessary for specific circumstances.

Is it safe for pregnant mares?

Yes, in fact the additional nutrients will be very beneficial.  Also safe for young foals to nibble.

How long will a bag last?

A 2kg bag will last 40 days.

A 3kg bag will last 60 days.

10kg Bucket will last 200 days.

* Based on one horse.

Will it make my horse hairy all over?

No!   Hair In A Bucket supports healthy hair growth only in a way a horse would naturally grow it subject to season and genetics.

What should I feed with Hair In A Bucket

Add HIB to almost any hard feed (pellets, grains, chaff etc). Please be aware not to feed alongside other feed supplements containing high ratios of  Zinc, Copper & Selenium.  Flowers Gold as a daily balanced mineral and vitamin feed supplement is perfect.

Hair & Hoof in a Bucket - for Hooves


By Sharna Gregg

"My Clydie x qh is who I originally bought it for. Her hoof walls were starting to splay. I wish I had of taken a before and after photo. They are back to nice and straight"

Science behind laminitis & hoof management

By The Nude Horse

Laminitis indepth The Nude Horse (pdf)


Obese Horse Management The Nude Horse (pdf)