Feedback on Hair & Hoof in a Bucket

Rocket owned by Sharna Gregg

"Just wanted to let you know how much Rocket loves your Flowers Gold and HAIR IN A BUCKET☺ 

You products speak for them selves.
So both the horses are on your product and the results are obvious."

Angela Robinson Delgiacco

"Unwashed, not rugged, not stabled, 6 months on FLOWERS GOLD and HAIR IN A BUCKET, so pleased!" 

Webers Circus horses

"Growing up in the circus gave me an opportunity most people don't get - living at work and spending all day with my horses. Keeping and maintaining the beautiful horses We have is a full time job and thanks to Wattlelane Stables "HAIR IN A BUCKET" and "FLOWERS GOLD" they are in perfect health all year round.


I swear by this product and couldn't be happier, even our 8 weeks old filly loves it."

Luna owned by Megan Jackmann

 "Luna's coat is just amazing 😍
Thank you for everything.
She is 6 months OTT and just looking so fabulous thanks to Flowers Gold and Hair In a Bucket ❤" 

Dukey the Drum horse owned by Kelly Ensbey

"My 2 1/2 year old always fed Flowers Gold and Hair In A Bucket"

Price and Sizes

Hair In A Bucket comes in 2kg, 3kg & 10kg

2kg RRP $51.50

3kg RRP $80.00

10kg $198.00 ($0.99 per day)

Hair & Hoof in a Bucket - for Hooves

By Sharna Gregg

"My Clydie x qh is who I originally bought it for. Her hoof walls were starting to splay. I wish I had of taken a before and after photo. They are back to nice and straight"

Science behind laminitis & hoof management

By The Nude Horse

Laminitis indepth The Nude Horse (pdf)


Obese Horse Management The Nude Horse (pdf)