Gut Centric - Potent probiotic supply

Christie Goodlet




Post weaning mare stress is something I have never seen in 30 odd years of owning horses. Even after 2 weeks of feed with Flowers Gold, Phoenix still needed something else. We moved her to our new residence and put her on GUT CENTRIC.
Before pic was taken on July 18, day 1 of our trial. After pic was today, August 12, with two changes being a veterinary chiropractic appointment on July 28, and the addition of GUT CENTRIC ANOTHER great product from Wattlelane Stables, thank you again from the bottom of our now-happy hearts ❤️"

Cindy Gannon-White


"I have fabulous news of the outcome. Look at my 17 year old gelding!! He had 26 days of antibiotics and Bute. A temp peaking at 41.8 and went down multiple times. It was suggested I 'consider costs and he might never recover'
Look at him today!"
"Thank you soooo much!!!"
"I'm eternally appreciative of your support. I tell everyone who listens how amazing you guys are."

Jodie Webber


"Well it's been a week today that my gelding Chilli has been on Gut Centric and I have to say having tried many supplements and herbs before this...

I am super impressed with this product (with probiotics for horses)... Thankyou so much"

Luisa Cox


 "She looks fantastic I had my coach ride her on Tues as I have not been able to ride for a week now I was amazed at her shine as she has not had a bath for weeks I did take some video but will try to get a still to show her shine she was on for the last 5 days 3 scoops as she came in to season (she is under lights) and even though she can be the pickiest eater she ate every bit of her bin feed each night her coat was a bit dry before starting the trial but when you see the photo you can see the shine.
...she was ready to come in to season at that point last tue night but the went on to work like a trooper even on Tuesday ... Ruth rode her she was all work on the job and stepping up to her counter canter work for the first time with great results but she is a diva and Ruth commented she is riding perfectly,  her work demeaner is spot on each time, even when she starts flustered, she works on point so this shows she does not have any gut issues now. Trust me in the past it was a drama and traumatic. I will looks at them (Mindfulness for Horses trial feedback) as we need to calm her "monkey brain" when she is in the paddock we love her and she looks fab at the moment....she cleaned her bin which surprised us as she can be fussy when in season thank you for the opportunity will definitely use this again when I know she will have tummy stress it will assist with her overall health." 

Amy Gallon


"Snickers was diagnosed with level 3 ulcers recently and I was very privileged to be offered a trial for Gut Centric. I have been trying to find a product which is not only affordable but actually works. Day 3 of the trial I noticed a significant difference in Snickers. Overall, I think this product has been a success.
Thank you Wattlelane Stables for allowing me to trial this great product. It will definitely be something I continue to use and will gladly recommend.
Much appreciation,
From Amy & Snickers" 

Hayley Doran


"This big guy is Sir Humphrey, I bought him from Echuca Sales off one photo last December and had him trucked up to CQ. He was completely unhandled, full of greasy heel, rain scald and worms.
For the last 4 months, he has had mild colic weekly, with three bouts of severe colic. It's inhibited his starting under saddle and quality of life.
He was diagnosed with gastric ulcers last week, a big relief, till I saw the cost of ulcerguard. He is being treated, but I can't afford to keep him on it long term and need another solution.
He currently lives in a sand paddock, with grassy hay 24/7 and three small feeds per day, but I may have secured agistment in a paddock with grass to start in the coming weeks (yay!!!)
We would love to try Gut Centric, as well as some of your other products!"

"Humphrey has been on Gut Centric for 7 days now and I'm already seeing a huge difference!  Really looking forward to seeing how Humphrey progresses now that he is on Gut Centric!"

Gut Centric Info

Pricing & Sizes

Gut Centric comes in 1kg and 2kg sizes

1kg RRP$80.50, 2kg $137.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I feed?

For significant needs, feed the recommended 3 week course at 100g a day (as this supplement is light in weight, you need to supply 2x 60ml flat scoop)  For maintenance feed rates, feed 50g daily (1x 60ml scoop). 

Can it be fed with Flowers Gold?

Yes, it compliments Flowers Gold and is able to be combined with any of our other feed supplements. 

NOTE: Flowers Gold is our recommended complete daily mineral and vitamin supplement.  All our other Feed Supplements are considered 'add ons' as deemed necessary for specific circumstances.

Is it safe for pregnant mares?

Yes it is.  However DO NOT feed to foals under 4 months of age, as their gut flora must sustain high levels of lactase, an enzyme that digests milk.  After 4 months they begin to establish their gut flora to suit concentrates and forage.

It is recommended to feed lactating mares out of reach of foals under 4 months.

How long will a bag/bucket last?


A 1kg bag at 100g will last 10 days

A 1kg bag at 50g will last 20 days

A 2kg bag at 100g will last 20 days

A 2kg bag at 50g will last 40 days

What should I feed with Gut Centric?

Add Gut Centric  to almost any hard feed (pellets, grains, lupins, copra, beetpulp and chaff etc).  Flowers Gold as a daily balanced mineral and vitamin supplement is perfect.