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Wattlelane Stable's Imported Gypsy Cobs


April 2010 marked the beginning of our ‘all imported Gypsy Cob stud’. Our first stallion Lord Callum Of The Owlish Fortress (imp) has gone on to become one of Australia’s finest and most notable Gypsy Cob stallions. Other incredibly beautiful cobs joined our boutique stud Gypsy Elite Pride’s Amelie (imp) the well know Supreme Champion mare Bobs Blossom (imp) with Wattlelane O’Bryan’s Winchester( imp utero), Millish Millie (imp), Falcon’s Flower (imp) & Mo Annamhs Samba (imp).

The QLD climate proved to be the undoing of their earlier fabulous hair growth in Europe and USA. Thinking it only too easy to go to the local produce store and purchase a ‘fix for growing manes back fast’ proved to be a joke, even globally there was no such solution. Then we discovered the curse of QLD Itch, our precious Clydesdale mare Wattlelane Molly began to suffer terribly. Again, no feed supplement existed to support internal immune functions.


Being a Researcher of Economics, I shook my head at the lack of adequately researched nutritional solutions for horses. As it so happened I was already surrounded with several internationally recognised and open minded scientists in equine, bovine, poultry & swine fields and one of Australia’s most innovative animal nutrition feed producers, all happy to work alongside us in developing our range based on consistently backed global research findings. Free from ‘old school’ nutritional constraints and hungry to bring new science to the fore in Australian equine nutrition, Wattlelane Stables the original stud became Wattlelane Stables the superior equine nutrition research & development brand.

The first two supplements were QI Ease and Hair In A Bucket, a terrific relief for my own herd and horse owners by the thousands cheered after the initial clinical trials found the outcomes were nothing short of fast and impressive. With time came the comprehensive all in one Flowers Gold daily mineral and vitamin feed supplement, the first of its kind in Australia to offer scientifically balanced minerals in specific ratios (co-dependent minerals fed together correctly) and where possible in the more bioavailable organic and chelated forms. More recent times Gut Centric and Mindfulness For Horses have been included in our heavily researched—spare no expense styled boutique range.

Ethics, integrity and honesty have been the ethos behind the brand. Our own horses health and happiness have always been our priority. To know we are making a genuine difference to many other Australian horses lives we stand extremely proud and happy. Pricing is a direct reflection of the superior quality, type and bioavailable raws we source for each blend. Some ingredients are exclusively imported and supplied only in our feed supplements. No compromises are ever made, if it wont make a difference we wont use it. We wont add ingredients just because other companies do or social media groups make claims– these can unfortunately be driven by a profiting enterprises in the back ground rather than solid clinical trial outcomes. Wattlelane Stables—the name you can TRUST! 

Winning Supreme Champion - Bob's Blossom


One of the largest and finest examples in Australia of a Gypsy Cob (imported from Germany).  Now owned by Greenbrook Gypsy Cobs in Jimbour QLD.

Imported in Utero - Wattlelane O'Bryan's Winchester


Chester foaled with us in Australia, now has grown into a spectacular stallion living in Margate Tasmania at Blue Gate Cobs.

Wattlelane Stables Wildlife Sanctuary


Profits go back to saving Australia's precious wildlife

We are registered WIRES members for the Sapphire Coast NSW.  We created a self funded wildlife sanctuary to care for Macropods predominately.  This handsome Wallaby is Lewi.  Lewi amd his mates have been released back to the wild in a 200 acre macropod  private acreage.



Dodge's mother died from age/disease, we met her whilst she was very weak and near death.  Once she passed away we had trouble catching 'dodge', hence the name.  He came came in covered in paralysis ticks, lice and underweight.  He will reside in the Sanctuary forever.



We found William coming home late from skiing in the Snowy Mountains, he weighed in at 3kg in the pouch.  William is personality PLUS.  He now has been released to the wild to enjoy his life in absolute freedom.

More of our rescued animals



Violet is a very special soul, she was rescued by the public.   She will remain in our private sanctuary as does not possessive sufficient natural instinct/behaviours to remain safe in the wild.



The last round of Wallabies - now released to the wild.  Their mums were either killed by cars or dogs.

Sometimes our friends need the royal treatment to mend their broken hearts


You can trust Wattlelane Stable profits go back to saving these gorgeous little furry guys.