Superior vitamins and minerals for horses

Superior vitamins and minerals for horses

Superior vitamins and minerals for horsesSuperior vitamins and minerals for horsesSuperior vitamins and minerals for horses

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The Change maker in Equine Nutrition

History of Wattlelane Stables


Equine Epidemiologist

The founder of Wattlelane Stables has moved on in late 2019 to focus on researching and publishing the results with the non for profit organisation The Nude Horse.    The Nude Horse is well recognized  Nationally to share the newest in depth scientific studies with equine nutritionists and horse owners in Australia.  Their aim is to improve better feed practices for the betterment of animal health and disease prevention.

Of interest to the creation of the products offered by Wattlelane Stables - was by Equine Epidemiologists with over 10 years of intense studies followed by National clinical trials prior to the launch of each feed supplement.  

The study focused on health and disease patterns that effect equine populations so as to develop superior equine feed supplements (vitamins and minerals for horses) based on true scientific outcomes.


The scope of the research role has been to:

Develop and test hypotheses about equine populations as they relate to health and disease.

Conduct field, lab, and theoretical research

Analyze data using statistical models

Review current scientific literature

Study equine population kept in captivity for characteristics over time

Assess equine populations and isolate influencing factors like feed types (organic and chelated) and environmental contributors

Provide useful data and consultation to internal and external parties for development of equine mineral feed supplements

Use clinical trial techniques to assess the potential impact of disease and health changes in a given population

Manage broad-scale research projects over extended time frames

Support strategic initiatives for improved equine health and wellness

Establish positive relationships with clients and stakeholders to educate the public of disease prevention and management strategies.


New Owner of Wattlelane Stables

Kelly Ensbey began as the Distributor of Wattlelane Stables feed supplements for Australia through Equine Passion seven years ago.  The natural progression was to take over the Wattlelane Stables brand and its feed supplement range when the opportunity came up.

Education Fact Sheets - Download here

Keep It Simple FG brochure (pdf)


How much to Feed a day (pdf)


Base Feeds The Nude Horse (pdf)


Oils The Nude Horse (pdf)


Electrolytes The Nude Horse (pdf)


Feeding Young Horses The Nude Horse (pdf)


Obese Horse Management The Nude Horse (pdf)


Laminitis indepth The Nude Horse (pdf)


Predator & Prey Mindfulness (pdf)


Lecithin and use for gastric ulcers in horses (pdf)


Gut Health The Nude Horse (pdf)


Hair Growth Nude Horse (pdf)


Aloe Vera vers Marshmallow Root (pdf)


Hair Shedding The Nude Horse (pdf)


When Should I Rug (pdf)


Download or print

Colic The Nude Horse (pdf)


Fatty Acids The Nude Horse (pdf)


Protein The Nude Horse (pdf)


QLD Itch The Nude Horse (pdf)


Minerals what is really needed? The Nude Horse (pdf)


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